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Hi everybody,

I played the shareware version of Tyrian (non-2000) to death back in the day, and enjoyed the life out of it too many times, clocking possibly over 1000 hours over ‘forever’.
The game itself is a great top down shooter, after playing such classics as Raiden and Raptor, you should be just at home in ‘arcade mode’.
The story itself is rather interesting, as far as that era goes, plenty of tongue-in-cheek along the way.

As Darpey mentioned earlier, I was the first to really speedrun the game and make the routing, which is from the rule ‘pick a game you really love’ (unlike speedrunning Loom, which was due to a conversation).

To ‘complete’ the game… just keep playing, learn the patterns, learn what you can do, and just shoot everything that moves. Also, to test your skills, once you get to a boss, just spend a lot of time avoiding. The shield regen also depends on your power, so if you stop shooting, you have more power for your shield. Check Darpey’s or my speedrun for a commentary on the gameplay and the game.

There are a lot of gameplay mechanics and ways to play in Story mode, which is great.

P.S: Don’t forget to play “destruct (type that in the main menu)”. A bit of Scorched Earth all over again.