Reply To: Master of Orion 2


Hi folks. I like both the first two MOO games, always liked both. But:

Problems with MOO2:
1. My god the starting algorithm is a wayward sick puppy sometimes. I rolled up a medium sized galaxy with just 4 opponents for my Meklar race. It was on hard, so I was probably gonna get beat after not playing the game for months, but still, should be fun. Straight up, I have just one poor second planet in my home system, which is surrounded by blackholes.

Research happens, and it turns out only one other system is reachable by my scouts to begin with, home to a poor and an ultra poor planet. That’s a harsh start – just 3 planets in reach of my new fangled long range fuel tank, the best an arid poor medium sized good for nothing.

Of course my way out past the blackholes was blocked by the AI…

2. The default races all seem horribly gimped in comparison to those available by abusing the custom system. Playing a bog standard repulsive UniTol gets boring, but gaaaaaaaa, moral, production, yuck.

3. Not as good a game as the original MOO :), IMHO.

Not that I am any good at either of them, but although MOO2 feels awesome to begin with, in terms of decision making vs clicking the damn mouse again, MOO1 is better