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You are right. Even though I played Dune 2 through recently, the unit interface is horrendous. And despite the 1.6 version I had, sometimes the map still had building and unit limits depending on the amount of units and buildings the AI had. It is quite annoying in the later missions that you have to destroy enemy buildings to finish your base. Also waiting to build units after the enemy rush.

I have never heard of legacy, is it on gog or steam?

Dune 1 might be the better option, also liked that game a lot, played though it several times. Strange hybrid RTS with RPG. The RPG element was small and the RTS quite weird compared to other RTS games. Quite a unique blend. And atmospheric as hell, good music, great art etc. I remember a summary of the book in the game although they changed the story to fit the game events. And having read the book and seen the movie, yes this game captures way more of that than Dune 2

Dune 2000 is thankfully beyond this project. A command and clone version of dune 2 that was too difficult for me to finish. It had some of the atmosphere but it felt somewhat paint by numbers.