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“But Evil”, you say, “Surely your missing out on the best RPG shooter of the time, I love Deus Ex. That’s not connected to this, right?”

Well, you’d be wrong. Historians will remind you that Ion Storm was founded by people including John Romero, however, their Austin office was responsible for Deus Ex, and that office was headed by a gentleman called Warren Spector, who was working at Origin and produced tons of games, including Ultima Underworld I and II as well as System Shock. After being asked to setup Ion Storm Austin, Looking Glass Studios was in the process of dissolving and many of the team were asked to come along and work on…….Deus Ex.
As Studio Director, he oversaw development of Deus Ex Invisible War and Thief: Deadly Shadows.
Fast forwarding, he is now working with Otherside Entertainment and helped with Underworld Ascendant and is currently helping with System Shock 3