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Thanks firefyte. I’ve made a little progress.

There’s also a graphic for putting the net on the stump so I think that will play a part too. And you can put ashes from the Hydra’s lair on the stump. That will indicate when there’s footprints on the stump. When this happens, I feel like I’ve tried everything! Throwing the net on the stump says I hit nothing because I couldn’t see the demon (hello? footprints?!?). Swinging the sword toward the footprints was useless. Can’t put the sack over the invisible monster either. If you examine your coveralls after an attack, blood becomes an available item to use, but you can’t put it on the stump. I thought that would make the ashes stick to the demon… There seems to be no other sticky material other than the blood though, so not sure if that’s what the game is going for.

Again, I’m really impressed you guys breezed through this game. I feel like I get to these parts and spin my wheels for a week or so until I notice one minor detail I forgot (like the crib in Becker’s wreckage).