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I’m liking the controller so much better. In DOSBox you can press “Ctrl + F1” at any time while running the game and it brings up a key mapping tool that looks like a keyboard.

Click the right arrow key so it’s highlighted, click the “Add” button, then hold right on the controller thumbstick.

Repeat for the directions and assign buttons etc. Left shift is jump and left alt is item. I assigned jump to “A” and item to “X”. Make sure you click Save before Exit in the Keymapper!

Save and restore are a bit tricky. I added my Start button to “s” and Select to “r”. But you still need to press Enter when you save so I also added that to my “A” button. Now when I finish saving I also jump… Will have to think of another solution… I’m also very worried about saving when I mean to load and soft locking my only save in a death scene.