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Wow, even on an actual 4.77Mhz machine it’s fast?

And yeah, I haven’t figured out what the real difference between most of the events is either.

I’m using a keyboard, but I’ll see if I can translate what you did for the jump to keyboard controls.

One other quirk of the controls I noticed: to stop moving altogether (so you don’t crash into the barrier at the end of a run for example), you have to be very specific with your movements.
For starters, the manual is simply wrong about the buttons you have to press (not sure if it’s the same for joystick). The manual says “down” + “left” + “shift” to stop. It’s actually “down” + “RIGHT” + “shift”.
They all have to be held together, and it matters which order you push them down in. Pretty sure it’s the order I wrote.