Reply To: Favourite Jokes?


I laugh a lot with the silly humor in DOTT. I feel like Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman come off as naturally funny people and this really shines through in their writing. It’s the kind of humor that is never mean spirited or punching down on specific groups (well okay, there is some body shaming on Hoagie’s part in DOTT, but it’s thankfully never really played too much) and yet comes off as funny both to younger audiences and especially slightly older audiences.
My favorite example is in MI2 when Guybrush is digging up Largo’s grandfather’s grave and grabs a bone, dramatically posing as he holds it up in the air for the world to see and then his pants fall down while a thunderbolt goes off in the background. I distinctly remember seeing that for the first time as a kid, snorting from laughing and then every subsequent time it makes me laugh a lot.

I can’t really pinpoint any specific jokes in DOTT, it’s just silly all round, in a good way! Watching Twin Peaks a few years ago gave me a new appreciation for the line “Damn good coffee” though!