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Looks like I’ve enjoyed it more than most here. I played through the whole thing over the last week or so and had a really good time with it. I did play this one when it was new so I knew what to expect but hadn’t been back since. Above all, I think I just like the fact that it’s different from pretty much any other FPS I’ve played + I really like the soundtrack. The bouncy pads god/dog mode etc.. are all ridiculous but kept me entertained.

The first couple of episodes were the best. The fourth episode introduced bullet sponge zombie monks which you are shooting forever before they go down. The level design/weapons didn’t really change much so expect more of the same. They gave it a major workover but the Wolfenstein engine was showing it’s age by the time this came out.

I recall there are a load of Easter eggs if you change your system clock to various American holidays. Can’t remember what they do now, other than snow and a new tune at Xmas.