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As you can see, Hardville is not a grand city. We’ve had our ups and downs over the last century or so, weathering the economic storm of SimNation and occasional disasters. The Great Fire of ’52 burned down the Great Northern Industrial Estate, crippling us financially for nearly 20 years; the earthquake of ’73 and the Twin Floods of ’83 didn’t help much either. When it came to the Medium-Sized Fire of 2003, nobody was paying much attention.

Still, we persevered, and oh boy, did we succeed! In ’86 the town saw its first school. Soon after we had a road heading out of town, and in ’97 the gracious mayor even built us a hospital. Imagine! Just last year, he even spoiled us with college.

Today Hardville has a population of 20790. The people are unhealthy and kind of stupid, but the future looks bright for the city. Estimates suggest that by 2100 we’ll even be able to pay off our debts. Just imagine what we could do with that extra money!