Reply To: My verdict


Yeah, I was surprised by the arrow tracking thing too. But honestly it’s also pretty cool. It would have been nicer if it had been exclusively used for secrets instead of requiring it to make progress at all, but maybe that’s also just part of the oldschool way of game design.

In a similar vein the game sometimes require you to find other secrets in order to progress, which is a bit jarring, but at least this way the secrets actually play a role for me, as I mostly ignore optional stuff when I can haha

All in all the game is really growing on me and I’ve enjoyed the 2nd 12 levels more than the first 12. I’m now excited about pushing through until the very end.

Btw: there isn’t a way to look around as far as I’m aware, so in reality the first couple of runs are for mapping out the level, coming up with a plan and only then the actual solving begins.