Reply To: Hugo 2: Whodunit? Impressions


This one is probably my favourite of the three games.
A lot of this may come down to having played it to death as a kid because of having nothing else to play and heaps of spare time, but nothing in it really frustrated me.
Apart from maybe the chasm. That’s my biggest pet peeve in adventure games – when the solution to a problem seems to be the opposite of what the design is telling you.
(ie, the game seems to be explicitly telling you the solution to the chasm is NOT brute force… but then it is)

But I didn’t find anything else too annoying.
The venus flytraps are fine. Saving and reloading is quick and easy, and you can do it at any point, so I just save scummed every time I made a little progress.

The bridge is a little tedious, and admittedly makes you feel like you’re cheating by abusing the drop/pickup mechanics, but for me it’s no deal-breaker and you get passed it quickly enough. (I think I read somewhere you can make it across by moving VERY carefully, but I’ve never managed it so I dunno…)

The hedge-maze is fine too. You just need to take a little bit of time to draw a map. I actually like drawing maps for games – it’s satisfying and a little zen.

Maybe I’m just weird, but I still like the Hugo games, and even if I hadn’t played them before I think I’d find something to enjoy about them.