Reply To: Hugo 2: Whodunit? Impressions

Mr Creosote

Phew… that was tough. I had to inch pixel by pixel, and even then fell more than a dozen times. Thanks for the reassurance I was on the right way!

Anyway, overall, this one almost got me at the end. I really like those classic country house murder mysteries. Though what are we forced to sit through in this game? It is hardly thematically appropriate. The only two puzzles which were sort of good were the ones where you had to observe some evidence after distracting someone else. I also liked the joke with the cook and the bloody knife (as well as punching the riddling old man).

But those few good moments were not really worth all this impertinence the game put me through otherwise. I don’t even mind a maze if well done, but if I don’t even know what I’m looking for in there (and how many objects), it’s truly stupid. Yes, it’s longer, but for all the wrong reasons.