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There are two fan games that continue the series after this. Maybe they will offer a better ending?

My plan of playing through everything in order came to a grinding halt with Space Quest 6 in the first part of the month. I really didn’t get on with this game. I only played the first section up to getting kidnapped and only got that far thanks to use of a walkthrough. Some of the puzzles were horrible – I couldn’t even identify the appropriate parts of the background as being interactible. I hate this sort of pixel hunting stuff. In one case the thing I needed to interact with was so dark I could barely make it out, at least on a CRT. I would literally never have got through this part of the game without cheating.

Good to hear some later sections are better. I know Josh Mandel designed a lot of the game then got kicked off before it was finished. Maybe the bits that play better are the parts he’d completed.