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I must have watched that ADG but can’t recall what he said – I’ll have to give it another look. Some of these verge on exploits but here’s a few tips for getting to the end of Raptor without savestates:-

You take far more damage when a ship crashes into you than when being hit by bullets. If you have the choice, head for the bullets.
The exception to the above is when you get ships firing lasers later on. These are best avoided if you don’t take them out immediately.
Don’t be too greedy and try to shoot everything. It’s more important to keep your shields up.
On difficult levels you can do better sticking to one side of the screen most of the time, only moving to take out anything ground based that shoots bullets.
You can stack up to 5 of the energy shields and will need to do so on the later levels.
If you hold down fire and keep pressing alt as fast as possible you’ll be able to fire all your weapons at once. This works better with slower firing weapons and if you don’t have too many different weapons.
If you get a weapons power up during a mission and then abort that mission, you’ll still have that weapon (and any damage you suffered). You can repeat this as much as you want to get cash. Level 6 works really well for this, just abort as soon as you grab the dumbfires.