Reply To: Final Thoughts


I want to start by saying, I really contemplated not writing this down. I do not like the genre, and I did not want to sound too negative. but i eventually decided to put my thoughts down.

I wanted to complete this game, I am, in all fairness, not good at completing games, so I decided that this month would be when it happened, but this game not only made me regret my decision, it also made me hate it, and the time spent playing it.

I did discover some cool things, So allow me to start with the positives.

I really enjoyed the graphics, it is a very pretty game. The gameover screen, the completing a level screen (and animation) are very, very well done.

The menu is also very pretty, the one looking like a hangar where you choose upgrades and missions.

The hangar just looks empty, correct me if I’m wrong, but raptor is from 94, wing commander came out in 90, and their menus were more alive.

but then again. This is an arcade type game, so i will give it that.

Shoot em ups are not my style, and have never been, i am way too slow to get out of the way, so i will say it’s refreshing to have health, and can be hit multiple times. But the game got repetitive very fast. As Pix already states, the bosses did not change looks, only patterns.

I did not complete this game, i did not even complete the shareware version.

I am a bullet magnet, hence why i’m negative about this genre.

But to give credit where credit is due, The game is very pretty.