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My first Quake experience was QTest, though only solo. It was still impressive to someone who was into modding and dreaming of more realistic gaming experiences. The true 3D on a PC was impressive, especially without Playstation’s warping problems.

Also agree the campaign is very weak, yet I did enjoy the eerie NIN soundtrack. Seems the levels and story were such a jumble with no clear vision. And all that despite claims it was based on years of DnD and brainstorming. (First mention being an easter egg in a Keen game.)

Playing multi-player on the local ISP’s server was fun, more so once we got it running in the school computer lab. Modding too was big with Quake 1, and we used to change the gravity, and try mods like AirQuake and QuakeRally. The QuakeC tech was very flexible, more so than Quake 2, at least until both engines had their full source released.