Reply To: First Impressions?


I’ve had a couple of hours on this and done 6 missions on the human campaign so far. It’s every inch the C&C clone as said, way more so than I expected. I’m liking the presentation and the humour in the mission briefings. I could do with being able to watch them more than once since they give you 3 things to look at simultaneously.

I’m really missing a minimap from C&C. That’s my main complaint. It’s very familiar stuff otherwise. More music for the missions would be nice rather than the same tune every single time. The AI has the same build anywhere cheat from C&C. Mission 5 – it would keep rebuilding the same buildings over and over until I eventually tracked them all down. My troops will just sit there while being hit by a scorpion, etc..

So far, it’s fun but Red Alert was better. Nice to play something new in the same vein though. Interesting to play something this late from Beam/Melbourne House also. I associate them far more with early Speccy games like The Hobbit.