Reply To: First Impressions?


A mini map does show up eventually once you can start researching upgrades.

I’ve finished off both campaigns now (only the evolved without cheating). Out of the two, it’s the fairer and doesn’t get stupidly hard until the last mission where it requires foreknowledge of the map, zero time wasting and a ton of reloading. KKND stops being fun at this point for me.

It all gets too relentless for my liking with timing absolutely critical. Any minor delay at the start can make these missions impossible as you don’t get enough chance to build your resources up between the relentless enemy attacks.

I don’t mind the genre but can’t say I play a whole lot of RTS games. I’d guess that KKND had to be aimed at everyone who would already have played C&C, Red Alert, Warcraft etc.. It isn’t going to topple any of those but if you are targeting people looking for more of the same, then the difficulty level makes sense and the game overall is probably good enough for the job.