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Just finished LBA2 today. These games really were epic. Not sure I’ve ever put in as much time on a DGC pick during the month.

I have to say I preferred the sequel, especially at the start where it played much more like an adventure game. As you get further, it starts to throw more and more enemies at you which get a little tiresome but at least your weaponry increases at the same time and you are eased into it. It’s much better game design. The protection spell was a godsend as well once I figured it out as it gets around all the stun locking issues.

LBA2 was a lot easier to get running so no trouble playing on a PII this time which helped tons having everything run smoothly. The graphics were quite a bit nicer too – I really like the 3D outdoor environments. I thought swapping between 3D and isometric might be an issue at first but it just added some variety. Playing these days, it does feel like the outdoor ought to just move smoothly but it’s fine as is.

I’d certainly agree about LBA2 fixing the worst of the issues from part one. I still wouldn’t say the formula completely gels with me. I’d prefer more adventure game and less action but I had a good time with it despite that. It’s been an interesting game to go back to actually. I thought I’d played the sequel years back but I think I must have only played the first as I had no recollections of this whatsoever.