Reply To: My LBA Experiences


So, I decided to start a new game and play through the whole thing.

I FINALLY completed the game! That’s a 25 year weight off my shoulders!

I took some screenshots along this week’s journey, which I’ll share with you now 🙂

Prison Break

Home Sweet Home

Throat Medicine


Befriending Townsfolk

Erect Trunks

The Astronomer

No Fuel Crisis Here

Fixing The Water Tower

Unlocking Desert Isle

On Our Holidays

Going To Barbados

Temple Entrance

Moving The First Statue

Temple Completed


Opening The Cave

Marked Stone

Mr Tank

Got Myself A Hovercraft

Clear Water Lake

Desert Flowers

Fixed His Kidney Stone

Showing Gratitude

To Tippett Island

The Concert

DinoFly Street

The DinoFly

Storm The Castle

Freeing The Forger

Got Myself A Saber

The Teleportation Center

P-P-P-Pick Up A Penguin

RoboDamsel In Distress

Weird Twinsen Clone

Dozing Off

Lol, The Dozer Fell Off The Wall

The Final Showdown

Many Kisses


Drinks All Round

Our Statue

Band In My Honour

Cool Credits

See you all in the next game o/