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If you intend to program in C for 32bit DOS I cannot recommend a combination of Allegro 4.2.2 and DJGPP highly enough.

It is a nice and well tried library of game routines, with graphic modes, image loading, keyboard mouse and joystick input, sound both WAV and MIDI, etc i.e. all you need for a game.

I have made several games with it in several states of unfinishedness.

One advantage is that both gcc and Allegro 4 are also available for modern Windows and Linux, so you can build applications that work on both a modern OS and on DOS.

The main issues I found with this are A) debugging in DOS sucks B) the executable size with Allegro is a bit a large (over 1 megabyte).

If you decide to play with Allegro and need some pointers you can find me on the IRC channel.

Cross-compile Allegro 4.2.2
Latest DJGPP as cross-compiler