Reply To: Final Thoughts


I finished the first Grimrock, only had a quick look at the second one. The first was very much inspired by Dungeon Master so again quite low on any storyline but very well made. I was a bit disappointed if I’m honest but I seemed to be in the minority at the time. Some of the games from the 90’s had more scope and ambition if you ask me and I expected a bit more with all the hype.

The sequel started outdoors which was certainly a change. I didn’t get far enough to form any opinion. I should go back and try it some time.

I didn’t go back into EOTB1 to fill in the gaps as I couldn’t find any route out of the final level back to the earlier ones. So I’ve been playing the sequel instead which is far, far larger and also more difficult. The engine appears identical but there are story elements throughout to flesh the plot out. It’s a better made game all round. Possibly a little too difficult at times but nothing a little cheating can’t solve.