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We go again!

Full disclosure: it took me a couple of days to map out the whole forest. So this is not day 2, just “2nd play session”. Also I did find the castle in my mapping, although I didn’t mention it.

Alright. I wanted to do a quest. I found some magic mushrooms earlier, and I know the healer wanted some. Having given them to her, I get a whole 1 gp back! I see an opportunity here; I’ll just grind a bit till I’m the richest man in town!

Ah, boo. Turns out she just wants 3 deliveries of magic mushroom, so my sidequest as a drug dealer is short-lived.

I go to town and try talking to more people. I learn about the Centaurs Pferdefedern and finally learn the first name of the Baron, which means I can finally answer the questions needed to go visit the wizard! Once there, he wants to play the Wizard’s game mentioned in the manual – I lie and pretend I know more spells than I do (which is allowed – cool!) and we play a game I can’t win due to being a lying wizard. Nice.

I need more spells. I go back to my previous tactic and re-read the quest list for potential grind-targets. Ah! Flowers from the fruit tree place! Woop. Again there is a limit but atleast this gives me enough money to buy the “Fetch” spell.

I quickly remember the blinking thing in the bird’s nest, and go out to try my new spell. YES, it works! I am a WIZARD, Harry!

I give the ring to the healer and get rich, woop! I quickly spend all my money on the last available spell: Flame Dart, which I imagine is a massive fireball that will kill anything in its path.

I still need the trigger spell to beat the Wizard’s game, but where can I learn it? Hmm, let’s get back to that later.

I finish the dryad’s fetch-quest, which leads me to another fetch-quest of sorts, and I manage to try/fail myself to all the ingredients. Progress!

I have some problems collecting the fairy dust because my bottle is not empty and apparently there is NO EFFING WAY TO EMPTY IT. Grrr. I re-load a previous game, buy ANOTHER bottle, then re-do the bits leading up to getting the dust. I really hope I just missed something obvious, surely you can empty your bottle, right? RIGHT?

There’s a period of time where I do little, I try to get the goblin’s treasure, but once I kill one or two the rest just flee… I try to take the root in the graveyard but it disappears. I try to figure out WTF the Antwerp is and find he is guarding a keyhole.

In the end (I’m not ashamed to admit) I get a hint from the internet and go to random NPC and give him the random item that he didn’t mention at all so I can progress again.

I meet the game’s villain, get turned into a frog and almost boiled – but say the right things and get to perform another fetch-quest instead.

So. I’m pretty sure I know whodunnit. I’ve no idea where they have been hidden. I have the counterpotion. I can’t seem to find the goblin’s treasure, and I can’t seem to get anywhere with the brigands. The Ogre kills me while I barely scratch his face, and I need another spell to beat the Wizard’s game. So, now what? I think it’s time for a break!