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I had the same trouble with the gun – I had no idea when the appropriate time to use it was 🙂 Maybe this time I’ll actually take advantage of it. (I also vaguely remember that I should have a compass and clock by now? I missed those somehow)

I’ve been following yozy’s tips now that I’m in Jirinaar – like most DOS RPGs, it’s unclear what you should be picking up and using. But I’ve done a lot of exploration this time round and really paid attention to the backstory of the magic guilds, the Formers who use magic to build things, and their disdain for those who train to use magic as a weapon. For some reason I’d idealized the Iskai as a utopian society in my memory, but from asking everyone about everything this time, they have some seriously messed up stuff going on.

I’m trying to stay conscious of the inventory limits and pack spare rations into a chest in the South Wind Clan’s house before I start having to throw them out. By today’s standards it’s incredibly awkward to have both money and rations count towards your weight limit!