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I think being given the objective of “just wander and explore for two days” did great things for how much I loved this game – there was so much just to learn about. And I’m reminded of something else that stood out to me about Albion – it’s a game that’s actually mature, not in a shocking or provocative way, just that it talks openly about crime, morally difficult practices, sex and relationships in this society. (I can imagine the Sebai ritual being a million times more tangled than abortion can ever be, for example.)

I’ve gone round to the battle trainer and poured a load of points into close range combat – it feels odd that you can boost Tom so dramatically at this point, a significant distance towards the maximum capacity he’ll ever have in the game.

I found the clock! This game doesn’t give you any hints, does it – it’s just lying around in a pile of scrap in the basement that looks the same as any other. I briefly questioned why the Iskai day is so suspiciously similar to ours, but then remembered they had set that up quite nicely by having Rainer mention that the planet’s rotation was exactly the same as Earth’s earlier 🙂