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Yes, the third island definitely slows the game down a lot, for the reasons you mentioned and just for it being so large with the points of interest taking a lot of time to move between. I’ve picked up Khunag, who I have renamed to Treguard of Dunshelm, , and have been encouraged to assassinate some goverment officials. It feels like he doesn’t really have a plot reason to be there so far, he’s just tagging along for something to do, but his magic is useful.

The game is currently urging me to remember to talk to people multiple times so unsubtly that it’s almost like a comedy at this point, with the woman wandering around Beloveno who talks about her asking her neighbour about borrowing his stepladder or something. I assume that means there’s going to be one crucial conversation somewhere across these three cities that moves things forward.

I still haven’t been annoyed by any issues with the translated script, exactly, but I’m noticing a fair amount of little bugs in it where the highlighting isn’t closed, or someone’s name gets dropped, or once when someone remarked “Wrong text number (PC speaker beep)”. I also enjoyed that a zweihänder sword was overtranslated to “two-hander” 🙂