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All right I got to another island by boat today!

Things already were tough but are only getting tougher. I grinded a bit before leaving but apparently not long enough. The enemies in the druid’s ruins are mark III of those flying poison things and simply decimate my party. Everyone is just a useless meatshield except for Tom and Drirr. The bow constantly breaks, bolts and arrows constantly miss or do like 1 damage, and after casting one or two spells with moderate success, the casters are sitting ducks.

Money is a big problem. I gobble up potions like mad, and 10 healing ones cost 100gp!! Trying to rest to heal doesn’t always work due to “nobody is tired yet”. I’m constantly poisoned and have to run back to the healer. My big axe broke and it cost 150gp to repair, wtf? That’s a friggin’ fortune! I can’t afford anything shiny in shops.

To be honest I’m getting a bit hung up on the lackluster RPG mechanics of Albion. Doing battle or grinding in general isn’t fun, it’s a rightclick-fest. If one enemy dies but that was also the target of another character, he/she simply stumbles and does nothing. Is there a way to see how much HP an enemy has? Is there a way to see how mechanics of weapons work? Why does equipping my axe increase damage (visible) but decrease both total and current close combat skills (???)? Why do NPCs walk around like lunatics while I have to aim my rightclick since it can’t reach far for some reason?

I guess I’ll give it another shot in the coming days.