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Oh dear god this part of the game is awful. You have to go back and forth so much searching for the one little action that will make the game progress, over three spaced out locations in the most awkwardly laid out path ever. It’s infuriating how the hitboxes of everything on the world map are a bit too big, meaning you have to detour around large areas that look like you should be able to walk on them. And if you get the order of your actions wrong the game dares to make characters angry at you for being a bit slow. Aaaaaaagh!

It took me looking at all three available guides on GameFAQs, plus an article on LPArchive with some additional commentary at , to understand what to do! (The playthrough there observes that suddenly, you can’t ask anyone about the Toronto in this section of the game – as if the game has forgotten about your objective, or is hoping you will so that you don’t realize this part of the plot is completely irrelevant to your mission.)

I believe that this is the complete list of actions you need to take…

– Talk to everyone in the council house and learn about the various members of the council: Herras, Perron, Gard and Riko.

– Talk to Kariah, who will tell you about a rumour of an assassination. You’ll only have the option to reply incredulously.

– Possibly talk about every available option to the drunk man and talkative old woman in the tavern, I don’t know if this matters.

– Go to Kounos, the village at the top of the mountain. Get to the basement by whatever means you prefer, mess around in the dungeon for however long you like, then go and talk to Kontos.

– Go to the hut slightly to the north and find Mellthas’ friend. He’ll talk about some doubts he has about Kontos getting too extreme.

– Go back and talk to Kontos and he’ll act much more impatient to you, talking about the Iskai and their shrine, and will invite you to go and talk to the Iskai in Srimalinar.

– Go back to Beloveno and enter the council building again. Observe that tensions are higher, with Gard and Riko being very annoyed that you’re there. Perron and Herras will talk about talks with them being tense and unproductive.

– Go to Kariah again – your options will be a bit more believing of her. Tell her you’ll see what you can do.

– Trudge your way to the north (you have to turn south to get down the vines after going north of the village) and wind your way to Srimalinar. Talk to the Iskai behind the bar in the tavern and pay him for his information.

– Go to the residence in the northwest part of Srimalinar and verify your new information with Arrim. Mellthas will recommend going back to talk to his friend in Kounos.

– Go south to Kounos and DO NOT TALK TO MELLTHAS’ FRIEND! Instead, a new character will be wandering around outside the houses – talk to her and she’ll tell you to hurry back to the city, not to stop for anything.

– Go to the council house in Beloveno again. Gard and Riko will be gone and Perron will be even more nervous than usual. You now have to talk to Herras about “assassination” – this isn’t an option that appears in the list, you have to type it in specifically. He’ll tell you he’ll make arrangements – Herras is now safe.

– Go back to Kounos AGAIN and this time, visit Mellthas’ friend. He’ll say that the Kounos cultists are heading off to the shrine, then tell you he has something important to say (these appear to be the wrong way around…)

(I found that a third piece of dialogue appeared, overheard snatches of conversation, if I had messed up here and the assassination had taken place – it didn’t appear when I had finally got the order of actions right, but I’m not sure if that’s related at all or just a coincidence.)

– Go back to Beloveno and talk to Herras in the council house (who you will notice is still alive). He’ll give you the key to the treasury, and therefore FIVE HUNDRED GOLD PIECES plus a few jewels.

– Turn your computer off and go to sleep!