Reply To: First thoughts


For some reason, based on little to no evidence, I was expecting the gameplay and controls to be janky, slow and awkward, but it struck me just how smooth, agile and playable it is.
I even find the laser weapons to be more fun and satisfying than expected.

I seem to recall a few years ago there was a misconception going around that this game was actually made with the build engine, given how similar it is.

A lot of the reviews describe it as being fully 3D, but so far (apart from the aforementioned 3D sprites), I haven’t seen any evidence of that. It seems, again, to be like the Build engine (2 and 3/4 Dimensions?) which allows sectors over sectors, so long as they’re not all visible at the same time and you use some smoke and mirrors.

So yeah, I’m enjoying it. I especially appreciate the emphasis on story – so rare in action games of the era.
There’s a lot that can be said about the old, now defunct Star Wars extended universe, but frankly I’d take Dark Forces over episodes 7, 8 and 9 any day.
(But is this better than Rogue One? Ask me again when I’ve finished it. The jury is still out…)