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I haven’t gotten around to playing them yet (I have a couple of days off atm, so soon!), but from your description I have a feeling I might like SB1 better as well.
I’m not much of a fan of sports games usually – they need to be pretty arcadey, have little to no “long game”, and preferably have some kind of silly gimmick for me to get into them.
The only sports game I remember ever playing much of is Nintendo World Cup Soccer, which allows you to totally KO any opposing player with no penalty, and you even have special kicks which border on sci-fi. The only “management” involved in it is choosing player positions before the match and at half time.
Speedball (well, number one at least) sounds like it is very similar!
I was debating whether to try it at all, given that this month is about SB2, but you’ve helped me decide that I will!

As for Xenon and Xenon 2 – I played Xenon 2 when I was a little’un, and a few times since, but I never tried the first one until a few years ago. To me they are apples and oranges – too different to be able to say X2 jumped the shark.

I never beat Xenon 2 without the cheats (in fact, I’ve never given it a serious go), but I’ve got a soft spot for it. The graphics, as you would expect from the Bitmap Brothers, are fantastic, and the variety of weaponry is fun.

I could never get my head around Xenon 1 though, and I don’t find the graphics quite up to the usual Bitmap Brothers standards.
It didn’t help that (to my mind) the PC controls are cumbersome. The mechanics (being able to switch between a spaceship and a tank and having the freedom to go backwards and forwards at will) sound fun on paper, but I just found myself having no idea what I was supposed to do and dying all the time. I probably just need to try it again but with invincibility… It’s only fair, since that’s the only way I’ve been able to enjoy Xenon 2.

Well, sorry for the brain dump! Just a few loose thoughts I felt I needed to shake out of my head.