Reply To: Thoughts


I’d agree with most of that pix.
I’ve dipped my toes in this game a few times over the years, but never really put a lot of effort into it. Just now I just had probably my longest play session to date, and that was only about 15 or 30 minutes before I got bored and had to stop.
(I did get some gleeful, sadistic satisfaction by using an off-brand, non gravis gamepad!)

I’m going to persevere and finish the first episode, but I have to be honest and say it’s not really my kind of game.
As you said, pix, the levels aren’t very memorable, and it’s a tad TOO fast. It’s intentional, but doesn’t feel that way to me. It feels more like that common DOS experience of playing an older game that wasn’t made with more powerful processors in mind.

For me the result is a bit mind-numbing and forgettable – just zooming right through levels that are already plain and hard to distinguish.

I can get how this game would appeal to certain people – speedrunners or completionists for example – but I just prefer a slower, more methodical type of action game.