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A lot of my favourite games are from the DOS era. I can’t get as attached to new games as those I spent hours with back then. There is too much choice to spend that sort of time with one game these days is half the problem.

Ultima Underworld & X-Wing would be my top 2 choices, quite possibly my favourite games of all time. Both are games I had to learn to love through spending hours with them back when games were a precious commodity. That’s especially true of X-Wing which was brutally hard to learn but so satisfying when you eventually get there. Tie Fighter was a bit of a let-down after all the hours I’d spent on X-Wing. You probably had to be there at the time with Underworld. The actual game design is superb but you won’t get the same immersion from the 3D world as a modern gamer. Really hoping to see these on the podcast one of these years.

I also love the Tex Murphy games so would probably throw Pandora Directive in there. Wing Commander also, so perhaps chuck Wing Commander 4 in there or possibly Privateer. After that, I’m struggling more. Maybe Gabriel Knight, Fate Of Atlantis, Monkey Island would make the cut. The choice gets a bit arbitrary after the top handful and could change on any given day.

Out of the games we’ve played on DGC, I really liked Starflight when that was picked for DGC some years back. If I’d played it back then, I could have seen that being on the list. Would never have discovered it without the club. Simon The Sorcerer was up there as well. I already knew it well but was it was one of those rarities that was better than I remembered. If only that series hadn’t been forced to go 3D.