Reply To: Control Tips


A few additional tips that might be useful for someone willing to pick up the game

1. As mentioned, the keys can be remapped via Dosbox (CTRL+F1), that’s what I did for my version of the game

2. Left hand is for weapons, right hand is for items to be used in puzzles (BTW,I suggest pressing F3 when you start the game, this way the game will not solve puzzles for you automatically, and force you to think which item to be put in your hand)

3. Very important keys are I (inventory) and U (use). Before I found this I had trouble figuring out how to use potions.

4. Keys 2-6 are shortcuts for weapons, which depend on the position of the weapon in inventory (first five slots)

5. I have this issue in my copy of the game where mouse cursor is stuck in the upper left corner of the game. If this happens to you, I’ve found pressing F6 a few times helps the mouse get unstuck.