Reply To: Thumbs down


I’ve had completely the opposite experience going back to this. I’ve been totally addicted all of this last week and finished it last night. The levels became epic marathons which took me hours by the end. For me, this is possibly Bullfrog’s best game. It is repetitive to a degree I suppose but it never bothered me. Possibly it’s different enough from anything else I’ve played for it not to wear out it’s welcome. I can see where the criticism is coming from. I seem to the recall the sequel refined the experience to an extent forcing you to use possession at times and the like. If I get chance this month, I’ll play through that as well. I’m currently trying out Deeper Dungeons for the first time, which appears to be a very bare bones expansion pack with 14 extra levels where the difficulty level has gone through the roof.

I can’t say I used a lot of the spells. Possession can be useful depending on how you want to play, healing was very handy and the chicken spell was essential on the last level. That one is incredibly powerful in the right circumstances, I should have used it more often earlier. You can storm some of the levels using the creature transfer and a possessed level 10 horny if you want. There is a creature transfer hidden away on most of the levels which can make a big difference. I suppose it’s not the most tactical of games, especially until the later levels. This would probably bother true strategy gamers (I’m definitely not one of these). More time for game refinement may have helped but it’s still quite the technical achievement. All of these minions guiding themselves around, remembering your instructions and the like is still impressive on such old hardware to me.

I should say that I’ve not actually been playing the DOS version (sacrilege I know) and have been playing the Direct3D patched version instead.