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There is the call to arms spell which works within a shortish range. You can potentially keep recasting that to move the monsters towards a target. Or you can possess a monster and attack yourself. This only really works when you have a levelled up creature transferred from a previous level.

That said, my usual tactic is just to drop the monsters nearby. Imps always want to capture the ground so get one to capture as near as possible and sooner or later it will get attacked at which point pile in the monsters. You can build bridges to cross any water or lava gaps.

Levelling up your monsters is key, especially on hero levels. If you’re piling everything in and still losing you need to power up more first. The heroes will always be the same strength when you meet them no matter what so you can take your time levelling up as long as you have the cash. It gets trickier on later levels against other dungeon keepers as they will also be levelling up at the same time. There are occasions where a level becomes unwinnable if you don’t make a quick start but most of the time you’re still best off holding back until you have a well trained squad. Try to find some gems on the level if possible, set a horde of imps on them so you have a constant money supply.

Some of the monsters won’t train unless you drop them in a training room. Wizards & Dragons will head straight to the library to research. When you run out of things to research dump them all in a training room. Same with Bile Demons & workshops. Workshops aren’t a whole lot of use unless you are defending and want to build traps. I didn’t bother building them at all for many of the earlier levels.

One more tip, is that the game often hides bonuses on the map. Especially around the edges or at the ends of long impenetrable rock corridors. It can be worth digging around the sides of the map to find these. They will be carried back to your library by imps when found. When I beat a level I’d have a search around for a transfer creature if I hadn’t found one already. I must have used the same level 10 mistress in at least 10 levels in a row. Some of the levels have lots of increase level powerups hidden around which are seriously useful. As a rule hold these back for a bit as it’s much harder to train creatures to higher levels.