Reply To: Thumbs down


I’ve used the ‘computer control’ option a few times, just to learn what it recommends, and I had noticed a few odd path choices (the search the perimiter one was one of those).

I have been pushing to level up the monsters, but hadn’t always pushed the wizards to train.

I have also read that I should put the Imps into the training room to get them up to level 3 as this improves their digging/mining speed.

I do use the selection from the Monsters tab, as it’s near impossible to select an individual monster when they are all training!

I’ll just have to keep path finding and trying to stumble upon lesser rooms I think so I don’t end up finding their main monster room and ending up with a huge 20 on 20 battle.

With the Call to Arms, does this have an area of effect? as I could not find anything in the manuals, and when I’ve used it no monsters seem to take any notice of it.