Reply To: Thumbs down


Call to arms does have an area effect and the monsters need to be quite close. You will end up with all in brawls when attacking another dungeon no matter what as a rule. The enemy dungeon keeper will usually pile all their monsters together and drop them wherever you are attacking. As a rule, the only thing that works for me is the C&C type tactics of building up an unstoppable force before attacking.

I started on Dungeon Keeper 2 last night and it attempts to address most of the issues that have been brought up here. When you possess a creature you can now group other enemies with you and lead them in an attack. You also power up the creature you possess making this sort of first person attack a viable tactic. If you drop creatures they are stunned and vulnerable for a while to discourage the tactic. The traps are also massively more effective. The game lost a lot of it’s charm in the move to full 3D if you ask me though. Especially the level select screen – the artwork on the original and how it changes as you progress was fantastic.