Reply To: Thumbs down


Here’s another positive reaction to playing this beloved game again. I didn’t get a chance to play it on initial release, as I never gave my aging 486 dx2 66 a chance on it. But, by the time its first anniversary of release hit, I was already hooked, having finally graduated to a Pentium system.

My only qualm with Dungeon Keeper, like so many of the Molyneux/Bullfrog/Lionhead strategy games, is that I always hated the “level” based progression. I hated that I could never feel attached to any creation in a Molyneux game, because once the level goals are met, it’s time to start again from scratch. I’d much rather have had a dungeon (or realm, hospital, theme park, etc., etc., etc.) that I could keep making better and more my own over time, something like a Simcity city or a Civilization empire. The Movies, I think, is the only Molyneux sim-style game that doesn’t uproot all your previous work every time you hit a milestone.

Still, doesn’t mean Molyneux didn’t eat up about as much of my time as Wright and Meier did, and Dungeon Keeper certainly holds a large share of that. Definitely one of my favorites of all time!