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Not very far I’m afraid… just last night (the 1st of February) I beat the first level against another Deungeon Keeper (whichever number that is. Level 5? Level 6?)

I had a very DOS issue hold me back though. Being a total masochist, I generally prefer to play on real hardware. In this case it was a Pentium I 166 that I have been using for some years for DOS Game club games and all sorts of other tinkering and mucking about. It hasn’t been cleaned up or reinstalled in a very long time.
Anyway, I got halfway through this level about a week ago when the game ground to a halt, with constant disk accesses. I then realised the whole hard disk was chock-a-block full and horribly fragmented, as well as needing a serious scandisk.
So I spent a few days cleaning up and servicing the hard drive instead of playing DK haha!
Remember defragging and surface scans? Good times…
Anyway, the game runs like a charm now!

Not sure if anyone needed to know all that, but thought I’d share anyway 😉

I might go back to DK this month and see how far I can get – depending on how much Empire tickles my fancy.