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The music loops! Ugh, totally agree with you on that one, pix.

I’ve played a little sampler of three different versions for DOS – version 1 point something, 2 point something and deluxe. (I sort of like version 2 the best)

Having dabbled in a number of 4x games in the past, I was able to pretty much figure out all the versions of empire on the fly with just a text document open for reference.

My thought is that it’s clear just how influential this game was. Every 4x game there is probably owes a lot to this title. As I implied, if you’ve ever played civilization, master of orion, master of magic or anything vaguely like that, you’ll have no problem picking this up. It almost feels like a 4x game engine of which “empire” is itself just the barebones sample came that came with it!

But as basic as it seems, you have to remember that it was originally made in the late 70s on a mainframe computer! I think you could say that it’s way ahead of its time in that respect.