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My first impressions have me feeling so bad here! I played Empire: Wargame of the Century and the only feeling I came away with was just this overwhelming sense of tediousness.

I admit to being impressed with everything on offer considering the age of the game and the amazing ability to even play by mail if you wanted to, don’t get me wrong, but this game to me is the ultimate reminder on how far we’ve come. If that makes sense?

I will absolutely agree too that the games are incredibly long and with having to keep track of all the movements, even with certain commands to help, it’s just so much to have to think about constantly while waiting tons of turns to be able to do anything. If you’re stuck on a small island to start, prepare to be doomed to just be stuck waiting for transport production for AGES while having nothing left to explore.

Maybe my first games were just a bad example of things but I truly am unsure I’m going to be able to convince myself to go back and give it a second go.