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I managed to squeeze in a ‘standard’ game of the deluxe edition before the month wrapped up. Result: a victory over ‘Ludendorff’ no less (he’ll say he was stabbed in the back, but don’t listen to him).

Overall, my impressions are largely unchanged from my earlier post where I tried out a few ‘basic’ games. The standard game was a much better fit, and a bit more enjoyable and varied for that reason. The main thing is to just keep building ships, especially battleships in the late stage of the game.

This probably isn’t one I’ll revisit, at least soon, but it was great to experience. To me, this game is quite ahead of its time. I can see its influence in games like civilisation (of which I’m a big fan of the 4th installment) and so I certainly owe a debt of gratitude to this enjoyable but time-consuming game. A game to pay homage to, but a game that has ultimately been superseded.