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I decided to concentrate on SoD this month, since I don’t think I’ve beaten it before.
I played on “death incarnate”, and you get absolutely swamped with enemies in some levels.
The “final” final boss is still pretty easy, but the fake-out final boss is quite a challenge because the level is swarming with baddies, and you’re forced to try to deal with them at the same time.

SoD does have a bit of a different tone and feel to it than Wold3D – a bit dirtier and grungier maybe?
It may be a bit shorter, but with 5 bosses across 21 levels and a generally more focussed approach to level design, I think it stays a bit fresher than the main game.
That said, it offers very little wholly new content over the original, and I’m not sure that I wouldn’t have felt a little ripped off had I bought it new.
Id did pretty much the same thing with Doom 2, but seem to have pulled it off a little better.