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Well, even though I only remembered about this month’s game two thirds into the month, I still somehow managed to beat the first three episodes of Wolfenstein 3D. So, in a way, I could say that I’ve completed the game – since a 3-episode registered version was released at one point. 🙂

I think I played E1 on skill 2, E2 on skill 3 and E2 on skill 1. What a bizarre mix. This, of course, makes a huge difference in difficulty. Mostly because of the damage / accuracy of the hitscanners, which seems to be boosted significantly with every difficulty increase.

It didn’t help that E2 is infested with the mutants, and those are the toughest enemies in the game. 😆

I also felt in general that the E3 levels were shorter and less convoluted than those of E2. Getting 100% of everything in most levels was easier, although typically I would be satisfied with 100% kills and treasure, and not bother with 100% secrets. On some levels I was fed up and didn’t feel like hunting for secrets.

I also decided to skip the crazy pushwall maze with 170+ pushwalls in E2L7, and the maze to get to the secret elevator in E3L7.

Replaying it now, I can definitely appreciate some of the design, visuals and puzzles that the developers had managed to achieve with such a limited engine. However, there is no escaping the repetitiveness. Don’t feel like playing episodes 4-6 or Spear of Destiny any time soon.

I think the music is my favorite part of the game.