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Not a bad suggestion, never actually tried that with any of my screens. Just getting the thing apart to access the flyback on that monitor would be quite tricky though. It’s not made with servicing in mind. I’m OK with taking earlier monitors apart, I’ve recapped several of them but some of these later models got horribly complicated.

I’m reluctant to fiddle with it as the darkness problem is more of a design issue with Apple being purposely different so it’s OK when I use it with a Mac. They didn’t include any physical controls for brightness/contrast and instead built everything into the OS which ends up hamstringing anyone who tries to use their monitor on a PC. I think they even removed the controls from later OS’s to annoy the Mac users as well. I’d swear they were just trying to be awkward with some of these choices. I was gifted a very nice Sony monitor since the photo up there which is what I’ve been playing all these club games on the last couple of years so I’m more than happy to use that for now.