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We're about halfway through June, so there's still plenty of time left to dive into TYRIAN, our game of the month. You can share your opinions on this game over on our forums.

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In May we played DEATH RALLY, as suggested by M2tias. It's a great little shareware game, released by Apogee/3D Realms in 1996 and developed by Remedy Entertainment (who later made Max Payne, amongst other things). The game is full of racing, shooting and even Duke Nukem makes an appearance!

Joining Martijn and Florian for this episode are David (DavidN) and Oddvar (Dollarone). David previously made a cool video about the 3D Realms Anthology, which also includes Death Rally. You can check that out on YouTube.

[ download mp3 ] (110 mins, 101 MB)

During the podcast, we quickly mention the freeware Windows port of Death Rally, made by our Ludum Dare friend Jari Komppa. He has a great writeup of his story on his website.

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GAME FOR JULY: Prince of Persia

We ran another poll on Twitter to help us determine which game we should play next. We didn't have a real plan this time, so we just put some great games from various genres in there, based in part on some entries from our suggestion forum.

Surprisingly, every game (except Larry) was in the lead at one point! It was really quite exciting and we had no idea which game would end up on top. But eventually the winner turned out to be Prince of Persia (Brøderbund, 1990), so that's what we'll play in July.

Prince of Persia

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15 Jun 2018

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Rogue says:

I know I am way behind as I just discovered your podcast and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I am not sure if I ever played Death Rally but it made me think of another game Death Track (1989). It was a similar concept but first person from in the car, and great fun. I remember it had piracy protection where it would ask you what word was on a certain page of the user guide. Does anyone else remember this?

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