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There are different towns:

Trade posts (where you can buy and sell stuff).

As far as I can tell, there’s mostly stuff you only use for trading: You buy it at one place and sell it at another. The manual suggests writing down what stuff towns produce and for which price you can sell stuff there. I don’t think there’s a real economy behind that, but I’m not sure.

Just keep in mind that you can only store one type of merchandise per storage wagon.

Slave Markets & Soldier Markets & Mammoth Markets


Train Markets

Here you can buy new wagons: It’s good to buy cargo and such early on, as far as I can tell, otherwise trade will be tedious. Weapons and barrack wagons should be useful when you get into battle.

Train Stations

Here you can repair or rearrange your wagons or trash them.

Quest Towns

These provide information needed to restore the sun. They give two types of information: written records from the past and rumors offered by inhabitants of the city.