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I was 13 years old when this game came out and despite the game’s “adult content” warnings, me and my friends were very much into it, haha.

I didn’t have my own computer until years later, but my uncle ran a computer store and my dad was also a bit into gaming, so the family computer was pretty decent in those days. I’m not 100% sure when we got what though. What I do know is that in 1995 we had a 486 still. It was a fast one, running at 100 MHz, with 16 MB RAM. So we didn’t feel it was needed to upgrade to a Pentium when they first started to appear.

At one point we did replace it with a Pentium 120 and 32 MB of RAM. Maybe that was in 1996? If so, then that’s the machine I played Duke Nukem 3D on. But maybe I also still played it on the 486.

Later we upgraded the Pentium 120 to a Pentium 150 MMX using once of those “Overdrive” upgrade kits, along with a 3Dfx Voodoo card. I think that was in 1997. I probably still played Duke from time to time on that machine.

We kept 2 machines for a while, connected through a serial cable. I know I played multiplayer Duke Nukem in that setup as well. I think one of the machines was the old 486 and the other one was the more modern machine. I think Duke 3D didn’t run at full resolution on that 486, but it was still quite playable. I think the Pentium could play it at 800×600 even.