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Afternoon. I am new to the Dos Game Club, and I am new to StarFlight. I picked up StarFlight 1 and 2 on GOG. I watched a quick let’s play before I jumped in and it really helped. I think without the lets play I would of been a little stumped.

I love that the game has forced me to keep some hand written notes. My gaming setup now comprises of my MacBook, a pen, some post-it notes and a lined note book.

I have now played StarFlight for around 4 hours (generating half-a-dozen post-it notes). I am genuinly loving it. I have had to restart around 5 times now and I am struggling with fuel management. Not including the time everyone died due to the overwhelming gravity of a planet, and the time a purple squid killed my landing party the other resets have been due to me running out of fuel!

I’m going give it another long play tonight. I could really do with a printer so I can have a hard copy of the manual to hand.

In summary I am enjoying the game. Thanks for introducing this game into my life.